Google Chrome Browser Update Saves Battery Life

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A new version of Google's popular Chrome Internet browser reportedly reduces power consumption and extends the life of a portable device's battery.

According to Google, the updated browser now uses a new video decoding technique that puts a device's dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU) to work instead of its central processing unit (CPU).

The firm says that because graphics chips require less power than CPUs, this approach significantly reduces power consumption and extends battery life by as much as 25 per cent. (Source:

Google says it has tested the system extensively and been pleased with the results.

Google Adds 'Do Not Track' to Chrome Browser

Google software engineer Ami Fischman recently discussed the graphics update in a blog post. "Now Chrome users on Windows will experience longer battery life so they don't get cut off while watching their favorite YouTube video on repeat," Fischman said.

Aside from cutting power consumption, this twenty-third update to the Chrome browser also adds a new "Do Not Track" feature. When turned on, this feature asks websites to refrain from collecting data about a user's online activity.

However, website operators are not obligated to abide by these requests.

Do Not Track is available in other web browsers, including Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10, which enables the feature by default. (Source:

Can Google Strong-Arm Website Owners?

Google, however, is in a unique position with regard to Do Not Track. As the Internet's most influential firm, Google is in a strong position to try to convince website operators to abide by the Do Not Track requests.

According to Fischman, "Google is working with others on a common way to respond to [Do Not Track] requests in the future." (Source:

Version 23 of Chrome also addresses thirteen reported security vulnerabilities. The firm reportedly paid several thousand dollars to those users who first discovered and reported the flaws.

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