Microsoft to Introduce 'Project Glass' Rival: Report

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In an effort to compete with Google's much-anticipated "Project Glass" headset, Microsoft is reportedly preparing its own brand of high-tech eyewear.

The evidence for this notion comes from a recent patent application, in which Microsoft described a new device that includes a head-mounted display capable of presenting wearers with detailed information about an individual's immediate surroundings.

As outlined in the patent application, an individual "wearing at least a partially see-through, head mounted display can view any live event while simultaneously receiving information on objects, including people, within their field of view."

Information Delivered In Real Time

The device delivers all this extra information in real time, as the event unfolds.

For example, if an individual were attending a football game, he or she would be able to see an instant replay of a controversial play on the head-mounted display, while simultaneously watching the field where the play had taken place.

Relevant statistics and figures would reportedly accompany these displayed images. (Source:

Such high-tech eyewear is expected to have many uses. For example, its capabilities would do wonders for:

  • Monitoring fitness levels during a workout session;
  • Providing information to pilots and ambulance drivers without distracting them;
  • Warehouse personnel looking for a specific item stored somewhere among large quantities of stock.

Google Device on the Market in 2013, Microsoft Awaiting Approval

Such ideas for wearable technology and augmented reality are relatively established concepts. For example, Google's Project Glass headset was recently voted one of the 50 best innovations of 2012, according to Time Magazine.

However, some observers believe Microsoft's attempt to patent this technology suggests that wearable information-bearing devices will become commonplace in the near future.

In fact, experts expect Project Glass headsets to be available on the open market sometime in 2013. (Source:

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