'No Compelling Reason' to Upgrade to Windows 8: Report

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A leading consumer magazine has told its readers there is "no compelling reason" to switch to Windows 8. Consumer Reports opines that in most cases only touchscreen users will benefit from an upgrade.

The magazine made those comments in a new issue filled with computer reviews, among which PCs equipped with Windows 7 received some of the highest ratings.

Consumer Reports is not a computer software magazine. However, it is widely read and its reports have a significant impact on the technology industry.

In fact, a couple of years ago Consumer Reports recommended users avoid buying Apple's iPhone 4 because of signal problems caused by its new antenna design.

Consumer Reports: Windows 7 Fine For Most

Consumer Reports now says that Windows 7 still performs so well that for many people who are happy with the operating system, there is little reason to upgrade to Windows 8.

The magazine notes that one can use the new Windows 8 user interface with a keyboard and mouse, however "it's designed to make you instinctively want to tap on the computer screen, and even swipe it."

Put another way, if you won't be using Windows 8 with a touchscreen device, there's less reason to switch over to it. (Source: consumerreports.org)

Another issue raised in the report is Microsoft's decision to remove the Start button in Windows 8. Consumer Reports says the Windows 8 tile interface isn't particularly hard to use, but some users may not like the change from Windows 7.

Windows 8 Drivers May Be Problem

Finally, the magazine reports some computer makers have not yet updated their Windows 8 drivers, which is the software that allows specific hardware devices to work effectively with a given operating system.

Consumer Reports says that in some cases outdated drivers will cause Windows 8 machines to perform worse then Windows 7 PCs.

Microsoft responded to these assessments by saying "Windows 8 is Windows 7, only better," and that the users Microsoft has talked to say the new operating system is "very intuitive and easy to use." (Source: nbcnews.com)

In the end, the Consumer Reports report acknowledges that user preferences may go either way: there's nothing seriously wrong with Windows 8, nor with Windows 7, either.

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