Next iPad Lighter, Thinner, Due March 2013: Report

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Those of you who just received a brand new fourth-generation Apple iPad for Christmas may not like what I'm about to tell you: a new report indicates that Apple will release an even newer, fifth-generation iPad in just a few months.

The updated iPad is reportedly much lighter and thinner and may ship to retailers as early as March 2013.

The report comes from Japanese blog Macotakara, which indicates the next iPad will show a 4mm reduction in height, a 17mm narrower width, and a 2mm loss in depth.

Currently, the fourth-generation iPad measures as follows: 241.2mm in height, 185.7mm in width, 9.4mm in depth.

Rumored iPad Almost As Thin as iPad Mini

If the report proves accurate, the next-gen iPad will be almost as thin as the first-generation iPad Mini, which is approximately 7mm deep. (Source:

The Macotakara report also indicates the fifth-generation iPad will ship with two different two-tone color schemes: black / slate, and white / silver.

(With rumors suggesting the next iPhone will ship in a variety of colors, one wonders why Apple would limit its newer iPad to just two options.)

The fourth-generation iPad was just released in October 2012. Its improvements over the iPad 3 include a smaller, Lightning dock connector and a faster processor (the A6 chip previously used in the iPhone).

The fourth-gen iPad also shipped with a FaceTime high-definition camera and improved WiFi performance.

New iPad Mini Also En Route?

The Macotakara report discusses the possible release of a second-generation iPad Mini, as well. The most significant improvement over the first-generation model is reported to be the addition of Apple's much-lauded 2048 x 1536 resolution Retina display.

When the device first launched in November 2012, the absence of a Retina display in the original iPad Mini aroused criticism.

Given that Macotakara has failed to name the source behind its report, however, it's worth taking these rumors with a grain of salt. (Source:

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