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Synopsis: Are you a system info junky? Need to know all your resources available and all the 'behind the scenes' happenings of your computer? Introducing: TaskInfo -- a poweful utility that goes *way* beyond the standard Windows Task Manager and generic System Information Tools. With TaskInfo, you can visually monitor all types of system information in real time, including: CPU usage, threads, processes, available memory, opened files, DLLs, network connections, network speeds, hung processes, and even invisible processes!

TaskInfo: Screenshots

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With TaskInfo, you can view information about each process, including:

  • Invisible processes like Spyware, worms, and keyloggers
  • All threads (with details including Thread Start Address and Call Stack)
  • CPU usage (multiple CPU supported)
  • Memory usage
  • Opened files and handles
  • Loaded modules (DLLs etc.)
  • Network Connections
  • TaskInfo also shows detailed system information, including:
  • Total CPU usage (multiple CPU supported)
  • Total memory usage (physical, virtual etc.)
  • Total number of processes and threads
  • Read/write data rates on disks
  • Modem connection speed (if present)
  • All opened files, drives, TCP/IP connections, and more!

TaskInfo also allows you to:

  • Free physical operating memory
  • Flush file cache
  • Restart, shutdown the system
  • Force restart/shutdown
  • Launch, close or terminate processes
  • Quickly terminate hung-up threads and processes
  • Suspend and Resume threads and process execution
  • Suspend and Resume threads execution
  • Change process priority
  • Use Google to search information about Process
  • Bring process to Front
  • Terminate a Tree of processes
  • Search Open Files and Used DLLs
  • and much, much more!

There are *so* many features of TaskInfo, that you'll just have to download the program and see for yourself!

TaskInfo: Compatibility

TaskInfo works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, WinXP 64 bit, and Server 2003 64 bit.

TaskInfo: Download

TaskInfo is free to try and $35.00 to buy.

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