'Gnu Utilities For Win32', and 'Hardening Windows Xp'

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Gnu Utilities For Win32

Native Win32 ports of some GNU utilities, created for the GNU-Linux OS, now usable in Windows. Includes bc-1.05, bison-1.28, bzip2-1.0.2, diffutils-2.7, fileutils-3.16, findutils-4.1, flex-2.5.4, gawk-3.1.0, grep-2.4.2, gsar110, gzip-1.2.4, indent-2.2.9, jwhois-2.4.1, less-340, m4-1.4, make-3.78.1, patch-2.5, recode-3.6, rman-3.0.7, sed-3.02, shellutils-1.9.4, tar-1.12, textutils-2.1, unrar-3.00, wget-1.8.2, which-2.4 .


Hardening Windows Xp

Windows XP has considerably more functionality than Windows 2000. With this functionality come more services and more potential security holes.Some of the measures undertaken by IST to reduce the risk are outlined in the extracts below. These are the security-related sections IST follows when building a Windows XP image for distribution.


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