Criminal Posts Facebook Goodbye Before Being Shot

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A 30-year-old Michigan man who died in a shootout with police reportedly used Facebook to say goodbye to his friends and family moments before he was killed.

While being pursued by police, Eric Ramsey, of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, took out his mobile phone and updated his Facebook timeline, saying: "Well folkes (sic) im about to get shot. Peace."

Suspect Launches Vicious Crime Spree

Ramsey had good reason to believe he was close to the end of his life.

He had started his last night by abducting a female Central Michigan University student, taking the woman back to his house and assaulting her.

Next, Ramsey threw the woman into the back of his car, along with several cans of gasoline, and drove away from his home. At some point, he informed the young woman of his intentions to kill her. That prompted the victim to jump out of the moving vehicle and run to the nearest home.

Fortunately, a 14-year-old boy let her into the home and helped her lock herself in the bathroom. As the woman sheltered there, calling the police, Ramsey poured gasoline all over the house and set it on fire, then fled the scene.

Soon after, the father of the boy returned home and managed to put out the fire before any serious damage was done.

Meanwhile, Ramsey led police on a car chase across two counties. Police caught up to him, but Ramsey escaped by ramming the side of a state trooper's car, destroying his own vehicle in the process.

Not willing to surrender, Ramsey hopped into a nearby sanitation truck, rammed two more police vehicles and continued with his escape attempt. (Source:

After Ramsey drove the sanitation truck into another police car, the deputy operating that vehicle got out of the car, approached the sanitation truck and fired shots that ultimately killed Ramsey.

High-Speed Facebook Updates

After police identified the suspect as Ramsey, they discovered he had been sending messages via Facebook throughout the chase.

For example, on one friend's wall he had posted: "It's been real, bro, wish I could have hung out with you once last time. Love you, brother." (Source:

Ramsey's final Facebook post came at around 3:15 a.m.

The post, which has also been dubbed "Eric's Goodbye," has now been deleted. Before its removal, there were reportedly 197 responses to it.

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