Witchy Wins Casino Slots Simulator Review

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Synopsis: Just in time for Hallow'een! Witchy Wins is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot machine simulation game that works just like the real thing! You can't win any real money (darn!), but you can win plenty of virtual money to impress friends and family (and what a confidence booster that is)! If you like playing the 'pokies', then you'll agree that Witchy Witch is a haunting good time! In fact, Witchy Wins is so addictive that you'll be placing bets, clicking the 'spin' button, and howling at the moon until the break of dawn!

Witchy Wins: Screenshots

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Witchy Wins: How to Play

To play, first add some virtual cash to your game: just click on the $50 or $100 notes near the bottom of the screen to add credits. Minimum bet is $2.00, and on the trial version of the game, it only adds $.20 cents at a time (registered versions give you the full credit).

Once you've added your cash, click on one of the bet buttons on the top row (you can bet up to $10 a time). The more you bet, the more you can win. You're now ready to play!

Click the yellow Spin button to start your way to fame and fortune. Click on autoplay if you prefer to sit back and watch the game play with itself. You can click on Paytable at any time to see what the symbols will pay. You can gamble any win to try and increase the payout. If you're heading out to the pub for a while, press Reserve so everyone knows not to touch your game.

RE: The Silver Moon Feature

When you get three or more scattered Silver Moons (these symbols can appear anywhere, they don't have to appear in a row) you win Free Spins!

A new screen will appear, with 12 Silver Moons showing. Select Moons (left click) and win more free games. If you reveal a Red Moon you win free games. If you reveal a Blue Moon your multiplier for the entire feature free games is increased by one. Keep choosing Moons and adding games until the Wolf appears and ends your Silver Moon choices. Each Silver Moon can award you up to 20 free games. The most free games you can win is 240, but it won't happen often! Extra Silver Moons appearing during the feature games will award you up to 15 additional free spins.

Witchy Wins: Download

Witchy Wins is free to try and $14.99 to buy.

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