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Hacker Exposes Bush Family Photographs, Artwork

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The Bush family's email accounts have reportedly been hacked. Lost in the security breach: correspondence records, phone numbers, addresses, and photographs.

The Smoking Gun website reports that a hacker calling themselves 'Guccifer' was able to infiltrate the Bush family email accounts and steal recent personal documents, including a photograph of George H.W. Bush, taken before he was released from a Texas hospital in January 2013.

The image shows Bush in a hospital bed where he was recovering from a number of ailments, including bronchitis. Another photo showed the former Republican president standing with his successor, Bill Clinton.

Secret Service Investigating Security Breach

The stolen images also include pictures of Jeb, Laura, and Barbara Bush, as well as paintings by George W. Bush. One features the former president standing in the shower. (Source: reuters.com)

Upon viewing George W. Bush's paintings, popular New York-based art critic Jerry Saltz said he found the works "wonderful, unself-conscious, and intense." (Source: reuters.com)

Reports indicate that a total of six unique email accounts were infiltrated by the hacker. It's known that one of those accounts belonged to Dorothy Bush Koch, a daughter of George H.W. Bush.

It's not yet clear if the personal email account of George H.W. Bush was also infiltrated. The U.S. Secret Service is said to be investigating the matter.

Also stolen: a list of home addresses dated October 2012, mobile phone numbers, and email addresses.

Sensitive Emails Exposed by Hacker

The content of some emails was also exposed. One of those emails was quite personal, with George W. Bush telling siblings that he was "thinking about [a] eulogy" for his ill father.

"Hopefully I'm jumping the gun," the younger Bush said, before adding, "but since the feeling is that you all would rather me speak than bubba, please help."

"Bubba" is a popular nickname for Clinton.

Security experts are taking this opportunity to remind everyone to set complex passwords for their email accounts and to change those passwords on a frequent basis. (Source: pcworld.com)

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