Google Stores Coming Soon, Report Suggests

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Google is reportedly preparing to open its very own retail stores in the United States. Such outlets would give the search giant an opportunity to show off its Android-based products, including smartphones, computers, tablets, and the upcoming Google Glass technology.

The report comes via 9to5Google, which notes that "an extremely reliable source" recently told it that the firm "hopes to have the first flagship Google Stores open for the holidays in major metropolitan areas."

Retail Locations Allow Consumers to Try Out Products

9to5Google says that the decision was made because Google worries that consumers will be unwilling to purchase the firm's more expensive offerings -- including the upcoming Google Glass glasses -- without first trying them out.

Of course, such retail locations would also let consumers toy around with other Google devices, including smartphones like the Galaxy S III and tablet computers, like the firm's very own Nexus 7. (Source:

To date, Google has established a number of mini-stores under the 'Chrome' name inside U.S.-based Best Buy locations. The firm also has a small presence in the United Kingdom.

Google Denies Plans for Retail Stores

That said, as recently as December 2012 Google said it "had no aspirations to open a store" -- let alone several across the United States.

"We aren't planning on being a retailer," noted Google Shopping chief Sameer Samat in an interview with the technology blog All Things D. "We don't view being a retailer right now as the right decision." (Source:

But experts say it makes sense for Google to establish a more visible retail presence. It could certainly pay off -- after all, Apple's stores have the highest sales per unit of any retailer in the United States. (Source:

There's no guarantee that Google's own stores would be as successful, but given the popularity of many Android devices, including that Nexus 7, it certainly wouldn't hurt to give the idea a try.

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