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Synopsis: Be prepared for hours of fun with Pretty Good Mahjongg -- the Premiere Collection of Mahjongg solitaire games! With Pretty Good Mahjongg, you can play all kinds of different puzzle and solitaire games with Mahjongg tiles. Pretty Good Mahjongg has 215 different tile matching game layouts, from simple and easy game play to difficult and interesting challenges! Pretty Good Mahjongg makes it easy to play with adjustable color highlighting and game play hints by clicking the right mouse button. If you liked Pretty Good Solitaire, you'll love Pretty Good Mahjongg!

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Pretty Good Mahjongg: Features Drilldown

  • Play Mahjongg Stones (a puzzle game), Play Four Rivers (a classic Mahjongg tiles puzzle game), or Play The Great Wall (a fun new game where you remove identical adjacent tiles and the tiles collapse down).
  • Also available are 55 additional solitaire and puzzle games, including: Mahjongg Spider, Mahjongg Klondike, Mahjongg FreeCell, and more! These games are inspired by the famous "Pretty Good Solitaire" program -- but played with Mahjongg tiles!
  • 215 different Mahjongg games
  • Easy to difficult game play
  • Right-click game hints
  • Undo all your moves; redo of all moves undone (if required)
  • Automatic game saving on exit
  • Over a dozen more tile sets available for download
  • Statistics for multiple players
  • Color Highlighting (makes it easy to find matching tiles)
  • Selectable background colors or images for each game
  • Also includes the Pretty Good Mahjongg Screen Saver
  • Create your own tile matching layouts using the layout editor

Pretty Good Mahjongg: Download

Pretty Good Mahjongg is free to try, $24.95 to buy, and comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely delighted with your purchase!

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