'Stick', and 'Registry Prot'

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Create Windows screentabs. Sets up tabs to organize Windows Explorer, IE, notepad, other Windows programs.


Registry Prot

RegistryProt is a standalone, compact, low-level realtime registry monitor and protector that adds another dimension to Windows security and intrusion detection. By monitoring important locations and keys in the Windows system registry, RegistryProt will alert whenever a key is added or changed, and then give the option of accepting the key change, reverting back to the original key setting, or deleting the key. Trend Micro Antivirus users please note - RegProt is NOT spyware. Your antivirus product will incorrectly identify it as spyware. You should contact Trend Micro support and complain, email us for more information if you are unsure about this false alarm. We have tried to contact Trend Micro to have the problem fixed, with no response.


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