'Sensive Guard', and 'Best Free Portable Software For Windows'

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Sensive Guard

Powerful network firewall and a real-time file-guard to protect your PC against viruses, spyware, Trojans, and hackers. It protects both inbound and outbound network, guards critical system and personal files. It intelligently detects malicious operations from user operations with inputs from local keyboard or mouse and take appropriate security actions. It can reliably block access to any files that occurs without your manual initiation locally. It is also very easy to use. No user configuration is required. The built-in policies allow most common accesses without bothering users with endless warnings.


Best Free Portable Software For Windows

Portable software runs on your USB key drive or your iPod, or a memory stick, or any type of external drive you plug into a USB port. You don't have to install anything on the computer's hard drive. It's like carrying your office around with you. Or carrying your home to the office. These kind of apps are becoming more and more popular as USB flash drives get cheaper and cheaper. If you ever do any work at more than one computer, go get one now, then install this freeware. Then you can do something else. If you want. Or, you can just hold your key drive and feel good about what you've just done.


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