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Already Fast Chrome Browser Getting Faster: Google

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A few weeks back I reported on the addition of spelling and grammar checking to Google's 26th version of Chrome, the search company's low-frills web browser. Now, it appears that Google is promising a serious speed boost with Chrome version 27.

Specifically, Google says that Google Chrome 27 -- which is currently available in beta form for PCs and Android mobile devices -- will offer a five per cent speed boost over previous versions of the browser.

Tests Show Chrome the Speed Leader

Given that Chrome is already a blazing-fast browser, that's a substantial improvement in overall performance. Back in January 2013 tech blog Lifehacker tested the speed of Chrome 24, Firefox 18, Internet Explorer 10, and Opera 12.12.

The result: Chrome 24 won virtually every speed test. Specifically, it was the winner of the Tab Loading, URL Loading, Cold Boot-Up, Cold Restore, and JavaScript categories. (Source:

Resource Scheduler Overhaul Key to Speed Boost

Now, Chrome will get ever faster. Google says that it made significant changes to Chrome's resource scheduler, which involves adjusting the code that handles HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images. (Source:

In a statement, Google said the enhancements make the resource scheduler "more aggressive about using an idle connection and demoting the priority of preloaded resources so that they don't interfere with critical assets."

Google says that the effect of the changes can be seen through tests on

Google says it has also added a new offline storage system for Chrome Packaged Apps that automatically syncs data stored via Google Drive, the firm's popular cloud storage service.

Google has also improved the interface used for updating the month, week, and date. The firm says the update allows for a "simple, elegant user interface." (Source:

Other updates, including a change that allows developers to use the Web Audio API to employ live audio, probably won't be evident to the average Chrome user, however.

To access a full list of the improvements offered by this most recent version of the Chrome browser, click here.

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