'Kevo' Lock Replaces Door Keys with Smartphone

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Lockset manufacturer Kwikset has introduced a keyless front door entry system. Called Kevo, the two-part system connects a mechanical door lock with a smartphone app for easy access.

Once an individual has changed over their current deadbolt to the one provided by Kevo (a process that takes about 5 minutes to complete), they program their smartphone app to create an administrator account.

From there, the owner can sync the phones of other family members to the Kevo deadbolt, granting them access to the front door.

Users Tap Smartphone for Access

Anyone who has an administrator account can simply tap the outer area of the lock face. An LED ring will then illuminate: blue while it is processing, and then green to indicate access granted. A red light indicates that access has been denied. (Source: cnet.com)

The administrator can also deny access to any of the key holders whenever they wish. In addition, administrators can keep tabs on who used the lock and when -- a feature that was intended to allow parents to monitor the time their children get home.

There is no limit to how many virtual "keys" can be created, but users are cautioned to never leave their phones within 4 feet of the door.

Kevo: Not Just For Smartphone Users

For those without a smartphone, a small device (similar to a car key fob) can be purchased that allows for the same functionality as the app. Kevo will permit touch access to an individual that has the fob device with them.

For those who would rather do without the fancy technology, the door lock also works with standard keys.

Kevo is featured in three finishes (gold, pewter and brass) and will be available for purchase sometime this summer. Kevo will cost between $199 and $249 and will be available through Amazon and a number of electronics and home improvement retailers. (Source: engadget.com)

A video of the product can be seen by clicking here.

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