HTC Ditches 12-Inch Windows RT Tablet: Report

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Inside sources say HTC has dropped plans to release a massive, 12-inch tablet computer running Windows RT. The decision is reportedly based on a lack of consumer demand for Windows RT-based devices.

The unconfirmed reports say HTC is still planning to release a 7-inch Windows RT tablet, however.

Windows RT is a special version of Windows 8 designed for ARM processors, which are more commonly found in smartphones and tablets than in full-blown PCs. These processors aren't very powerful though they do help to extend a device's battery life.

The main difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT is that, with the latter, you can only install applications downloaded through Microsoft's own Windows Store.

This means that with Windows RT you can't access the traditional desktop interface or install software you've bought on disk or downloaded directly from a manufacturer.

Massive Windows Tablet Abandoned

HTC was planning to release a Windows RT tablet with a 12-inch screen this coming fall. By way of comparison, that's a couple of inches bigger than the standard Apple iPad.

Unfortunately, consumers haven't been showing much love for Windows RT lately. Furthermore, such a large screen might have made the limitations of Windows RT even more apparent. (Source:

However, with a cheaper 7-inch version buyers might be happy using the machine mainly for web browsing and multimedia playback.

Windows RT Sales Slowing Down

Sources speaking to Bloomberg said HTC made the decision after looking at sales figures for other Windows RT-based devices. Although HTC thinks there is a market for such devices, it was reportedly afraid to gamble on marketing a Windows RT tablet of unprecedented size. (Source:

The sources also reported HTC was concerned that the added cost of components for a larger tablet running Windows RT would mean it would struggle to find a profitable price point.

Microsoft and HTC have not yet commented on these reports.

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