New 'PirateBrowser' Prevents Web Censorship

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The Pirate Bay, which is arguably the world's most controversial site, has introduced its very own Internet browser. Setting this browser apart from rivals like Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox: one-click features that allow users to avoid censorship.

Sweden-based The Pirate Bay provides users with access to torrent files and facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing.

Since it was founded a decade ago, The Pirate Bay has often been accused of helping users exchange copyright-protected material -- such as music, movies, and TV shows -- illegally.

The Pirate Bay has also faced a torrent of court cases designed to put the site's founders in jail and shut down the site. In late June site founder Gottfried Svartholm Warg was sentenced to two years in prison (though this was not related to his Pirate Bay activity).

PirateBrowser Helps Users Avoid Censorship

In order to keep the site alive, The Pirate Bay is now offering the PirateBrowser. Site managers say the browser can be used by people living in countries where The Pirate Bay is blocked to evade obstacles and access the site.

At the moment The Pirate Bay is banned in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Iran, and North Korea. (Source:

In a blog post advertising the browser, which is free, The Pirate Bay proclaimed "No more censorship!"

"Do you know any people who can't access [the Pirate Bay] or other torrents-sites because they are blocked?" the post asks.

"Recommend PirateBrowser to them. It's a simple one-click browser that circumvents censorship and blockades and makes the site instantly available and accessible."

Site Seeks to Eliminate Web Censorship Once and For All

Reports also indicate that PirateBrowser is just the first step towards The Pirate Bay's goal of eliminating web censorship.

The site says it's "also working on a special BitTorrent-powered browser, which lets users store and distribute The Pirate Bay and other web sites on their own." (Source:

But that's not all. Last year a Pirate Bay collaborator announced they were working on special drones capable of flying through the air and giving people access to wireless transmitters through which they could download copyright-protected movies and music.

The latter idea is a bit crazy, to say the least, but it wouldn't be surprising to see a Pirate Bay BitTorrent-powered browser available for download soon.

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