Editors Wanted!

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For the last few weeks, I've been working around the clock ironing out bugs, as well as addressing new issues which have arisen as infopackets moves into the next stage of multi-authored publishing.

As an editor, one of the most challenging tasks I am regularly confronted with is to find new and interesting ways to express technology-based questions and answers using simple-to-read English so that anyone (and everyone!) visiting infopackets.com can learn from our articles.

I would like very much to offer our Readers fresh and exciting material as infopackets continues to grow; however, I simply cannot do it all on my own. I strongly believe that in order to bring infopackets to the next level -- and in order to maintain the quality and consistency Infopackets Readers have come to enjoy from our articles over the years -- I'm going to need some help getting there. Therefore, I am calling upon Infopackets Readers for assistance.

Editors Wanted!

With the hope (and help) of many hands, I am asking for volunteers that can donate a few hours a week to improve upon articles that have been submitted by our ever-increasing team of bloggers. You don't necessarily need to be a proficient writer to apply -- you just need to be well-structured in spelling, grammar, and have a knack for pulling related thoughts together so that everything flows in a coherent manner.

If you would like to lend a hand, please contact me using the link below:


And, if you are interested in submitting articles to our audience, you can also contact me using this link:


Thank you all in advance!

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