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As promised, today's newsletter will announce the winners of our Editorial Contest.

To recap: On September 23rd, I announced that infopackets would be opening its doors and allow new contributors to submit articles to our audience of 250,000 Readers. On November 30th, a contest was held (lasting only 5 days) for a seat on our Editing Team. From that point forward, I've been implementing many changes to the web server to accommodate our new contributors and editors.

Moving on --

With so many volunteers cramming for a seat on the Editing Team, I knew it was going to be difficult trying to decide who gets in and who doesn't. In order to measure the editing abilities of each volunteer, I listed a number of prerequisites on the Contest Page, including a special section entitled, "Going above an beyond simple editing." It was the latter criterion which was given the most weight in determining the winners of our contest.

So to put it plainly: simple editing (spelling and grammar) was the minimal requirement, but what I was really looking for was a demonstration of the ability to convert an ordinary article into an extraordinary composition that could captivate an audience. One method I used to quantify the 'extraordinary factor' was by observing the opening paragraph of each submission.

It was a close call, but only 1 article stood above and beyond the rest. Once the best editorial was determined, the rest were judged accordingly.

And without further adieu, the contest winners are:

Senior Editors (Gold)

  • Bill Hudgins ** best composition
  • Pervin Young
  • Lois Garcia
  • Susan Fraser

Bill, Pervin, Lois and Susan will be joined with our other 2 Senior Editors, Jim "AsparaGus" Andrews and Douglas Godbey.

Level 1 Editor (Silver)

  • Susan Nussbaum
  • Frank Wood
  • Bill Wiles

Level 2 Editor (Bronze)

  • Rick Sterling
  • Shannon Walsh
  • Mary Beth Royal
  • Terri Gargis
  • Lonnie Burgess
  • Joan Edney


Tomorrow's issue of the Gazette will spotlight Bill Hudgins' submission as the feature article of our newsletter.

At this time I would like to extend a very warm and heartfelt "Thank-you!" to those who applied for a seat on our Editing Team. I have put *all* of the submissions aside and if (for some reason) anyone on the editing team cannot perform their duty, I will elect a new candidate from the pool.

RE: Contributors Wanted

On a related note, we're still looking for Contributors. If you think you've got some material to share with our audience of 250,000 loyal Readers, please send me a note! For every article submitted, you will receive a link back to your web site (if you have one) which will guarantee traffic. To contact me, use the link below:

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