Sony Working On High-Tech 'Smart Wig'

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Sony has applied for a patent on a new, high-tech wig. It's the latest "wearable technology" device to emerge.

Sony says the wig will allow the user to wirelessly access various gadgets, like a smartphone or a global positioning system (GPS) device.

Sony suggests that, when hooked up to a navigation or mapping app on a phone (or using a built-in GPS chip), the wig could buzz on the left or right side of the head to give you directions when walking. (Sony says the head is much more sensitive to touch than many other areas of the body.)

That would eliminate the need to keep pulling out your phone, which might not be a good idea in dangerous neighborhoods.

Wig Takes Advantage of Sensitive Skulls

It's also possible the wig could include sensors that can track blood pressure and heart rate. That could be useful for athletes (assuming the wig stayed in place during a vigorous exercise session) or for people who need to monitor health conditions.

Other suggested components include a camera, a laser pointer, and even an ultrasound sensor. Sony suggests the laser pointer could be used for giving presentations, with the wig configured so that a tug on the left or right side of the wig moving slides backwards or forwards. (Source:

In the patent filing, Sony doesn't suggest having all the components in one wig. Instead, it foresees having unique models for different purposes, such as presentations, navigation, or health. (Source:

The Sony wig's main attraction may be that, unlike a smartphone, it be concealed, leaving a natural appearance -- or at least as natural as a wig can look.

Device Could Be Fashion Accessory

Sony also notes it could be possible to have the components in removable pockets, making it easy to switch between different wigs.

It's not clear if Sony is serious about making the wig a reality or if it's simply seeking to protect the intellectual property (IP). The company has confirmed it is designing such a device, but has not yet decided whether to make and sell it.

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