Full Windows Start Menu Coming Back: Report

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Microsoft will revive the complete Start Menu in a future version of its Windows operating system. That's the claim of Windows insider Paul Thurrott, who says he has learned from sources at the Redmond, Washington-based firm that the Start Menu could be back as soon as 2015.

Thurrott suggests the new Start Menu could be far closer to the interface seen in Windows 7. Microsoft introduced what Computerworld calls a "pseudo-Start button" with Windows 8.1 (or Windows 'Blue'), which was released this fall.

Thurrott's claim has resulted in an explosion of speculation about how and when the Start Menu will return. (Source: computerworld.com)

"Threshold": Multiple Platforms, One Interface

Some experts believe it's part of a larger update popularly called Windows 8.2, which is also designed to bring the interfaces of Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox One closer together.

The project, which Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley calls "Threshold", will apparently make releasing software products on PC, mobile, and gaming platforms far more seamless than is the case right now.

It's worth noting that this is hardly a guarantee that Microsoft plans to revert back to a user interface reminiscent of Windows 7. In fact, Thurrott says things are "still up in the air," and admits that he needs to "verify" what he's learned with others.

Microsoft Trying to Win Back Lost Customers

Nevertheless, it appears Microsoft does have something major in the works. Thurrott suggests that it's part of an attempt by Microsoft to win back consumers alienated by Windows 8.

"You can see that Microsoft is, if not moving forward per se, at least continuing to do the right thing and responding to complaints," Thurrott said on his Windows Supersite blog. "It's a good sign." (Source: winsupersite.com)

Of course, the news could spell trouble for companies like Stardock, which is best known for 'Start8', a tool that effectively revives the Start button and Start Menu in Windows 8.

Stardock founder Brad Wardell admits the Windows 8.2 (or Threshold) rumors are concerning. "Start8 ... [has] brought us millions of new customers, so we definitely would miss that influx of new users," Wardell said. (Source: computerworld.com)

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