Remove SpyAxe (Removal Instructions), Part 2

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Infopackets Reader 'Waseem' writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Thank you (and especially Nick Tyrrell) for your SpyAxe removal instructions. I did as instructed and now I can sleep in comfort knowing that my system has finally gotten rid of that malicious and highly annoying Spy Axe Trojan!

Question: Can you please tell me how I can get my computer to load up quickly on start up and open the desktop items more rapidly. It seems as if I'm waiting forever for things to load. My Operating System is Windows XP. "

Similarly, Alastair B. writes:

" Mostly I just want to say many thanks for your detailed instructions as to how to remove SpyAxe. It had me *completely* demented! Your step-by-step instructions were not only invaluable, but very concise. The viruses are gone but my machine is running much slower now. Is there anything I can do to recoup speed? Many thanks. "

My response:

Aside from doing a complete Spyware scan to ensure that your system is 100% clean of Spyware / Trojans, there are a number of things you can do to speed up / maintain your PC.

I have recently compiled an article entitled, "Top 10 Must-Have PC Maintenance Utilities"; you can use this as a guide to help spotlight which aspect of "speeding up your PC" you would like to improve upon.

The article provides a brief introduction to each utility and explains why it would be used for essential PC maintenance. You can read it online the site:

Top 10 Must-Have PC Maintenance Utilities

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