Digital Camera Locks Up During Slideshow

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Infopackets Reader Barry H. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

My camera will not download photos using Microsoft wizard or several photo suits. Oddly enough, the camera works great with other computers. My computer sees the camera as a mass storage device in Device Manager, but when I try to download or slideshow my photos, the camera locks up; the camera won't switch off and I have to remove the power source to get it to turn off. Oftentimes when I try to view a slideshow, I only get a partial download and the camera locks up. Can you help? "

My response:

It's quite possible that you either:

a) your USB and camera drivers need updating

b) the camera needs a firmware update, or

c) there may be conflicting software that is causing the camera to lock up

Probable Solution

Update the driver for your USB port and the camera.

For the USB port:

Assuming that the USB port connected directly to the main board of your computer, you will need to find out the make / model of your main board so you can download the proper USB driver.

To identify the main board, either download Belarc advisor (and hope that it can identify this information for you), or you'll have to open up the computer and look inside.

For the Camera:

Visit the camera manufacturer's web site; look for your make and model, and download any driver and firmware updates. While you're at the manufacturer's web site, look for any FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about your particular model with respect to conflicting software or reasons that would cause it to lock up.

Good luck.

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