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Digital Camera Locks Up During Slideshow

Infopackets Reader Barry H. writes: " Dear Dennis, My camera will not download photos using Microsoft wizard or several photo suits. Oddly enough, the camera works great with other computers. My computer sees the camera as a mass storage device in ... Device Manager, but when I try to download or slideshow my photos, the camera locks up; the camera won't switch off and I have to remove the power source to get it to turn off. Oftentimes when I try to view a slideshow, I only get a partial download and the camera locks up. Can you help? " My response: It's quite possible that you either: a) your ... (view more)

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Digital Camera won't download pictures to PC?

Infopackets Reader 'Becks1969' writes: " Dear Dennis, When I try to download my pictures off my camera or my memory card, it doesn't seem to do anything -- and some times, my camera beeps. I used to be able to do this, but now my camera software ... doesn't even ask me if I want to download my pictures. Would you have any idea what I need to do to try to get this working again? I have been reading your newsletters and a lot of your information has helped me a great deal. I'm hoping you might be able to help me with this matter." My response: A number of things may prohibiting your ... (view more)

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