'SciTE 3.5.0', and 'Nero MediaHome 15.0.47'

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SciTE 3.5.0

SciTE is a useful text editor that can be used to build and run programs. It is a highly accessible text editing tool that is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Ubuntu. A commercial version is also available.


Nero MediaHome 15.0.47

Nero MediaHome can help you organize and access your favorite media files. It features one-click copying, one-click sync and upload, and lets you label all of your files with descriptions. Nero MediaHome also makes it easy to share your files with friends. Note: the download page asks for an email address; you can enter a bogus address and still download the file.


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Hey, folks, no need to be dishonest w/ "a bogus email".
Just type in < barackobama@whitehouse.gov >.
Works for me.