Email IP address change?, Part 2

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Recall --

Back in August of 2004, Infopackets Reader Marylin W. inquired about a program capable of reporting any changes to an IP address (see: Email IP address change?). Such a utility would be especially useful if your IP address changes frequently and you need to connect to your home computer from a remote location (for example).

Infopackets Reader Bill H. writes:

" I realize it's been more than a year since the question was asked, but anyone interested in a solution might consider IPSynchro. I came across this very useful freeware program and it is capable of emailing you if your IP address ever changes (and much more)! "

From the IPSynchro web site:

" IPsynchro is your ultimate IP monitoring solution! IPsynchro performs all the standard automated IP monitoring tasks, like detecting changes in your computer's public IP address and posting notifications via Email, FTP or LAN file writing, only with ultimate performance and flexibility ... Unique features include: Monitor your public IP address directly from your modem / router or from any suitable Internet webpage; receive remote computers' IP addresses and perform various automated tasks utilizing the IP obtained ... You may download IPsynchro 2.1.0 free of charge for personal use ... IPsynchro is functional for about six months from [the] present date, after that period you can download IPsynchro again and get another six free months ... IPsynchro [relies] on Microsoft's .Net Framework ... [and] must be installed on your computer for IPsynchro to be able to run. "

Thanks Bill, for the great find!

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