Picking up Where you Left Off: MS Word

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If you open a document you were editing when you last used Word, you can use the Shift + F5 keyboard combination to quickly jump to where you were last working in the document. This is also a good way to get back to what you were editing after browsing through a document.

You should remember an important caveat when trying to apply this tip: The Shift + F5 shortcut takes you back to where you made your last edit, not to where you last had the insertion point.

For instance, if you are halfway through your document and you type a word or change a character that counts as an edit. Suppose that you then press the Page Down key a few times to get to the bottom of the document, and then you save and close the document. When you re-open the document and press Shift + F5, Word takes you to where you made the edits (halfway through the document), not to where you were when you saved the document (at the end).

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