'Xpy', and 'To Folder Option'

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Xpy is a small tool which disables the default threats inherent in a Windows XP installation. Besides disabling Windows ability to communicate with Microsoft servers, Xpy improves privacy settings and your system's security. Other features include: Disable questionable services, Disarm Internet Explorer, Disarm Windows Media Player, Remove Windows Messenger, Improve privacy and security, Improve performance. Though Xpy is smaller than 60 kilobytes, it can close serious threats (i.e. DCOM) on long distance, where large service-packs can only protect you until a new security hole has been found. Make sure you carefully choose the settings you want to apply, to avoid problems.


To Folder Option

Create a 'Copy To Folder' and 'Move To Folder' right-click option to make moving and copying files much easier. You will be presented with a folder dialog to easily locate the destination folder.


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