Critics: Windows 10 Fall Update Mostly Positive

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Windows 10's first major public update is getting mixed, but generally positive reviews. Several small but potentially useful changes have also been spotted.

The change, known as "Threshold 2" or simply "Fall Update" is the first big update that's been rolled out to general users. It brings together a series of smaller sets of tweaks that have previously been delivered to people in Microsoft test programs.

In effect the update is the closest thing to the old-school Service Packs, though such updates should come far more frequently with Windows 10.

Boot Time Reduced By Update

Media reaction has been good, with ComputerWorld referring to the changes as more of an upgrade than a simple update. Meanwhile Network World has welcomed a promise of boot times being up to 30 percent faster and a more sensible set-up for the Aero Snap feature that avoids windows overlaying one another. (Source:

ZDNet has noted a behind-the-scenes change to the Edge browser to improve security. Microsoft has blocked the browser from running dynamic link libraries (DLLs) without its permission. (Source:

A DLL is effectively a collection of small system library files that are shared amongst other programs. The best known example of a DLL are driver files, which help the Windows operating system communicate with hardware devices. However, browsers can also run DLLs, and Microsoft believes rogue DLLs can make it easier for hackers to gain unwarranted access to a browser and its data.

Business Users Get Added Control of Updates

Another change is earning praise but causing frustration as well. The update now lets users of the Enterprise edition decide whether to deter installation of updates, upgrades or both. Users can block the installation for up to eight months, the idea being to buy time and wait for a fix if it's known an update/upgrade will cause incompatibility problems.

However, users of the ordinary consumer edition don't get this option; for the most part, all new updates will install automatically. Controversially, Microsoft has even implied to business users that consumers are effectively acting as test dummies for the new updates, helping highlight any problems that need fixing before businesses need to use the update.

Windows 7, 8 Keys can be Used to Upgrade to Windows 10

Another major change is that Windows 7 and 8 users can use their product keys to perform the Windows 10 upgrade. Previously the Windows 10 upgrade could only be done from the desktop of qualifying systems, but the upgrade process proved to be very problematic.

What's Your Opinion?

Which features if any have you found most useful in the Windows 10 update? Have you spotted any performance or usability problems since the update? Do you think consumer user should have the same ability as businesses to choose to put updates on hold?

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The update seemed to take quite a while, going through what seemed to be the same process as upgrading from Windows 7 to 10. Some of my file associations got changed, which I did not care for - but that's not a big deal. Overall it seems to be working fine, though it hasn't downloaded onto all of my machines despite having checked for updates.

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Having problems with machines not showing up in Network Neighbourhood

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Totally ignores advanced network sharing. Even with allowing users without a password is broken. I think I would take W8 over this.

dafarrington_5803's picture

Updated and WD just told me it could not start. Called Microsoft, I was put in touch with 2nd level tech. All she did was disable all my startup programs including the contact message program back to MS and uninstalled the free Malware av. Did not help at all. I have to restore to before the update and all is well.

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Do the publicity department of Windows think the rest of the world know what "FALL" is, I as well as many of customers live in the Southern Hemisphere, it is late spring now NOT FALL as you call it in the USA. How about the rest of the world!!!!?.
Don Cook
Southern hemisphere.

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Call it Threshold 2