How can I remove (uninstall) Hotbar from Internet Explorer?

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Infopackets Reader Diane K. asks, " How can I uninstall Hotbar? It is now an integral part of my Internet Explorer. PS: Thanks for your great newsletter. "

My Response:

First things first: Hotbar is Adware [now more commonly known as 'Spyware']. It explicitly states so on their web site, although, you have to "read their terms of agreement". There are three methods you can use to uninstall Hotbar:

1. Try to uninstall it from your system using Add / Remove programs in the Control Panel; if it isn't listed there, look for an Uninstall program in the Program Files (Start -> Programs) menu. The program should have been listed here after you installed it.

2. After that (or, if that doesn't work) get Lavasoft Adaware to remove it:

3. If none of that works, you can try jv16 and remove it (manually) from your registry:

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