Windows 10 Getting Two New Changes

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Microsoft has unveiled a couple of changes to improve Windows 10: smartphone owners will be able to see notifications on their computer screen, while many Chrome extensions could be coming to the Edge browser.

A forthcoming update will introduce something called "notification mirroring." That will mean pairing a Windows or Android smartphone or tablet with a Windows 10 computer. Users can then automatically have any notifications that normally appear on their smartphone or tablet show up on their computer screen instead.

The idea is that while somebody is working on their computer, they will be able to see and dismiss notifications without the need to pull their phone out of their pocket every time and check - something that can a hassle especially if there are constant notifications. Dismissing the notification will also remove it from the phone screen, though developers will have to support this on an app-by-app basis.

The plan is initially to put the update into the Cortana app, but eventually build it directly into the main Windows 10 system. Microsoft says its exploring supporting iPhones with the system, but hasn't yet found a way to work with Apple. (Source:

Browser Extensions Coming To Edge

Meanwhile, Microsoft is finally getting round to including extensions to its Edge browser. The absence of extensions at the launch of Windows 10 earned a great deal of criticism, but they are now included in some beta test editions of future Windows 10 updates.

Just as with full-blown applications, extensions can be a chicken and egg situation. There's always been a strong danger that developers won't bother making Edge extensions if not many people are using the browser, but many people won't use the browser if it doesn't offer extensions.

To get round that, Microsoft says it will make it as easy as possible for developers of Chrome extensions to make them work on Edge. Developers can either use a special conversion tool, or can simply add two lines of code to their Chrome extension. (Source:

Browser Figures Bad News For Microsoft

Microsoft is under a lot of pressure to get people using Edge as recent figures show only 43.4 percent of people worldwide are using either Internet Explorer or Edge, compared with 39.1 percent on Chrome. Recent trends suggest Google could take the #1 slot for browsers as early as this May.

What's Your Opinion?

Would you find it useful to have mobile device notifications on your computer screen? Are you a big user of browser extensions? Has the lack of extensions deterred you from using Edge?

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The only way I would use Edge over Firefox (my current favorite browser for the last 13 years) is if Edge was significantly better than Firefox, or if Edge offered something completely unique and mind-blowing that Firefox did not. In this case, Edge simply failed to impress me and was half baked from the get-go. I see no point in using Edge even if Microsoft made compatible plug-ins as they are doing for Chrome. That aside, pairing your smartphone with the Windows 10 OS and receiving phone notifications on the desktop is a great idea.

dickarling's picture

Dennis ...

Have been using IE and / or Firefox with Quicken for years.

When downloading transactions from my bank with either browser I get a choice of downloading the file or opening Quicken and sending the download there.

I can't seem to find out how to get that option in Edge or to specify where any download should go.

This severely limits Edge usefulness for me.

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I agree with the previous comment, I use IE because it works with Quicken bank downloads so I stay away from Edge. Edge needs to work on compatibility issues and Chrome style plug-ins would be a definite plus.

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Hello All,
I would be a liar if I didn't say (despite the fact that I'm waiting to upgrade to Windows 10 until next month) I will "NEVER" be using Edge.

When the Internet Explorer proceeded to become (in my opinion) "a piece of junk" several years ago I found Mozilla Firefox and have been totally satisfied since switching.

I DO expect there will be occasions that the odd site will call on Edge for some of their on-site links ( as these aforementioned sites do with Internet Explorer), but I see no reason to fool around with it otherwise....