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Total Uninstall is one of those "must-have" utilities for anyone who likes to download and install new applications on a regular basis.

Case and point: The "Add/Remove" function in Control Panel (via Windows) is only as good as its uninstall log [hint: the uninstall log tells the "Add/Remove" function which files to uninstall]. Furthermore: an uninstall log is created by the a program once it's installed to the system ... and the program is created by a programmer. So, to put all together: an uninstall log is only as good as the programmer. If the programmer is forgetful and sloppy, then there's a good chance that not everything will be removed from your system when the application is uninstalled when "Add/Remove" is executed.

On the other hand: Total Uninstall works when you allow it to monitor new programs. Total Uninstall will take a "before" snapshot of your system; then, Total Uninstall will monitor an installation and provide you with an "after" snapshot. It then compares the before and after snapshots to see exactly what changes the new program has made to your system when it comes time to uninstall the application.

The idea is so good, I wonder why Microsoft didn't think of it years ago?

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