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Tech Firms Dominate Worst Company List

According to a recent poll, tech (and tech-related) companies are considered some of the worst in America. Candidates for criticism include Electronic Arts, Comcast, Best Buy, Gamestop, Sony, and AT&T. The poll, conducted by consumer affairs ... blog The Consumerist, asked which company should be considered the worst in America. An incredible 250,000 people responded, leading to some shocking results. Sony, Google Escape Humiliation Some of the firms that 'qualified' for the 'tournament' (which The Consumerist organized into an NCAA basketball March Madness-style bracket), included Netflix, ... (view more)

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Bank of America Severs Wikileaks Affiliation

In recent weeks, corporations associated with Wikileaks have had to make the difficult decision of whether or not to sever all ties with the organization, and if so, face the potential of backlash on their own companies, including distributed denial ... of service attacks. Bank of America is the latest to join the list of financial and technology companies that have cut off services to Wikileaks, but their decision might have been made with the knowledge that Wikileaks is prepared to release confidential and likely scandalous information about the institution. Two Sides to the Story The official ... (view more)

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Obama Stimulus Pours Millions into Cyber Security

As his administration continues to work on an stimulus plan that can save America's economy, Obama's latest course of action will see millions of dollars being allocated to heighten cyber security. The move will assist government officials in ... preventing future attacks on the United States. Although his term in office has only just begun, U.S. President Barack Obama has immediately been forced to into action against a crippling recession. In response to this, Obama has come up with an " economic stimulus plan " that will invest billions of dollars to stimulate the American economy. $355 ... (view more)

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Columbus' Dirty Little Secret

Little bit worried about that one-night stand last weekend? Don't thank your partner -- he or she are probably never going to call you again, anyhow -- but instead think on one of America's most celebrated explorers. In a surprising and fascinating ... new study, researchers have discovered that Christopher Columbus or one of his men likely introduced syphilis to Europe. Unlike today, syphilis was not just a common and annoying ailment during the fifteenth century. When it reached Europe during the twilight of the 1400s, it spread quickly amongst randy Europeans, eventually killing thousands. ... (view more)

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Coming Soon: Cellphone Banking!

The Bank of America and Citibank are now offering nationwide services that allow their customers to do routine banking tasks using only their cell phones. As "smart" cell phones continue to revolutionize the market for mobile devices, so too will ... more banks look to remove the hassles of physically being inside of a financial institution in order to make simple transactions. The two social functions are merging as never before, combining work and play. The service provided by Bank of America allows customers who have cell phones with Internet access to check balances, pay bills and transfer ... (view more)

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