Obama Stimulus Pours Millions into Cyber Security

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As his administration continues to work on an stimulus plan that can save America's economy, Obama's latest course of action will see millions of dollars being allocated to heighten cyber security. The move will assist government officials in preventing future attacks on the United States.

Although his term in office has only just begun, U.S. President Barack Obama has immediately been forced to into action against a crippling recession. In response to this, Obama has come up with an "economic stimulus plan" that will invest billions of dollars to stimulate the American economy.

$355 Million for Homeland Security

The President recently addressed his 2010 budget, outlining funding plans that will grant the Department of Homeland Security $355 million to secure the nation's most essential computer systems.

Funds to be Shared Between Government and Private Groups The money will be spent on both government and private groups, with much of the funding going to the National Cyber Security Division and the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative programs. (Source: com.au)

Of the $355 million, $36 million will be spent on improving sensor and surveillance systems that will protect the nation against potential biological attacks. Another $36 million will be spent on the development and installation of new long-range sensor systems that will be used by the U.S. Coast Guard.

An Investment in Technology is an Investment in America

President Obama has already demonstrated that he believes a sound investment in technology will lead to a "better, stronger America". The $355 million cyber security fund adds to an extensive list totaling billions of dollars allocated to stimulate IT programs in America.

As reported earlier this month, the United States Congress approved a stimulus bill that included $7.2 billion for improving broadband networks across the U.S. (Source: computing.co.uk)

While the recent string of tech-investments is doing wonders for Obama's image as "the modern President," there may be more to his plan than public appeal. If the future of America is truly computer-reliant, expect all of the investments made in this field to pay dividends later on, as America continues to fight back from its current recession.

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