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Russian Ransomware Group Suffers Big Blow

A ransomware gang said to have Russian links appears to have been knocked offline. The REvil group recently demanded a $70 million ransom after a major attack. The group was linked to two recent attacks, the first on an international meat processing ... company. JBS, which is estimated to process 20 percent of the beef and pork sold in the US, had to shut down production while dealing with the breach. An even more serious attack targeted Kaseya, a company that not only offers computing services to businesses, but also powers many managed service providers that run IT for their own clients. The ... (view more)

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Google Fights Phishing Scams using USB Key

Google says it's suffered zero phishing attacks since it started making staff use a physical key to log in to work accounts. Of course, it's possible it's been hit with attacks it doesn't know about. The measures were taken to prevent against ... phishing attacks in which scammers try to trick victims into following a link and opening a bogus website that appears to be from a legitimate organization. The idea is that they then type in login details which the scammers can use to access their account on the real website. This can be particularly problematic with business accounts that may house ... (view more)

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NSA to Monitor Private-Sector Networks

Under the questionable guise of cyber security, the National Security Agency (NSA), in partnership with The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and AT&T, will be monitoring private-sector networks. The surveillance will continue despite the ... government's allegations that the NSA will only be scrutinizing data going to or from government systems. Whenever a person visits a 'dot-gov' (.gov) web site or sends an email to a government employee, their actions will be screened for potential harm to the network. NSA's History of Illegal Surveillance It's unclear exactly who is in charge of the ... (view more)

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US Cyber Security At Breaking Point, Report Suggests

Just as a report on cyber security ordered by U.S. president Obama nears release, security experts are reportedly describing America's defenses as "broken," "childlike," and "embarrassing." Tim Mather, chief strategist for security firm RSA, told ... the BBC News that the approach relied upon for years isn't working and he thinks we're seeing a real breaking point in security. According to the BBC, the security industry is at a crossroads and has a responsibility to alter the way it operates. The time has come to develop new technologies to keep pace with and move ahead of the ... (view more)

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Obama Stimulus Pours Millions into Cyber Security

As his administration continues to work on an stimulus plan that can save America's economy, Obama's latest course of action will see millions of dollars being allocated to heighten cyber security. The move will assist government officials in ... preventing future attacks on the United States. Although his term in office has only just begun, U.S. President Barack Obama has immediately been forced to into action against a crippling recession. In response to this, Obama has come up with an " economic stimulus plan " that will invest billions of dollars to stimulate the American economy. $355 ... (view more)

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