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New Malware Hides Inside Audio Files

Most people know not to open an executable file or document attached to an email unless they were expecting it. But a new example of malware means even an audio file could trigger a payload. Researchers at Blackberry Cylance Threat recently ... uncovered malicious code hidden inside WAV files. That's a computer format for audio that was common for music on PCs before MP3 became established. The attackers are using a technique called steganography, which is a way to hide a file inside another file in a way that normally cannot be detected. Steganography has previously been used in image files, and ... (view more)

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File Audio Processor Review

Synopsis: Don't let the name fool you -- File Audio Processor is an award winning, extremely powerful all-in-one multimedia solution that does just about anything and everything related to multimedia file management, editing and viewing. Now that's ... a mouthful! In addition to its powerful audio processing capabilities, File Audio Processor can view video, pictures, rename files, edit MP3 tags, grab audio from CDs, write CDs and DVDs, convert audio files, edit and record audio files, manage playlists, zip files, and much, much more! There's so many convenient features of File Audio Processor, ... (view more)

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