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Synopsis: Don't let the name fool you -- File Audio Processor is an award winning, extremely powerful all-in-one multimedia solution that does just about anything and everything related to multimedia file management, editing and viewing. Now that's a mouthful! In addition to its powerful audio processing capabilities, File Audio Processor can view video, pictures, rename files, edit MP3 tags, grab audio from CDs, write CDs and DVDs, convert audio files, edit and record audio files, manage playlists, zip files, and much, much more! There's so many convenient features of File Audio Processor, that you simply cannot appreciate it unless you download it and see for yourself!

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  • Visual Audio Editor: perform various operations with audio data such as displaying a waveform image of an audio file, converting, filtering, and applying various effects and filters. With the Visual Audio Editor, you can: save any part of audio file, play an audio file or any part of it, record an audio file from a microphone or from another input device, edit an audio file visually (cut, copy, paste, delete, select, delete silence, paste from file, mix, and mix from file). Supports most mainstream audio formats; convert from one format to another format, join files, add effects, and filters (such as normalize, fade, amplify, reverse and many more). Currently there are over 40 methods/filters are available to use!
  • CD Audio Grabber: high-speed 'ripping' allows you to digitally extract audio tracks from a CD directly to MP3, WMA or OGG Vorbis files and stored on your hard drive. Audio Grabber can copy either whole or a selected range of an audio track, or copy an entire disc at once. Multiple Jitter Correction options are supported for stubborn, scratched discs!
  • CDDB Database: automatically recognize an audio CD track, title, and images using a local off-line CDDB database, or via the Internet with whose database currently contains data on more than 500,000 CDs.
  • Audio Recorder: Gives you possibility to record audio data from many computer sources such as Microphone and save recorded data to an audio file.
  • Batch File Operations: rename, convert, tag, copy or move files to any location in your computer that allow you to fast and easy process multiple files at once.
  • CD-DVD Writer: burn fully compatible ISO9660 / Joliet data CDs; write .wav files on-the-fly as an audio disc; supports BURN-PROOF for error free recording; write .ISO images for RAW writing by other applications; import and write ISO images from other applications; import multi-session ISO/Joliet tracks and merge new files with an existing session and more.
  • File Renamer: transform all files in a folder to a similar filename format (great for music collections with different file names). You can set any file name format you wish or use one of predefined presets, remove unnecessary characters, change the file extension, translate words and more.
  • Audio Tagger: is a ID Tag editor for MP3 (including Tag V2), MP2, OGG, WAV, MPC audio files and audio properties viewer. With Audio Tagger you can write, update or remove tag data. You can also view lyrics text and pictures that are associated to an audio file. It includes also a Wave Chunks Editor, which is a special editor dedicated for reading and writing WAVE chunks data to a wav files.
  • Media Player: play the following audio formats MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV, RAW, OGG VORBIS, VOX G726, G723, G721 CDA MIDI, MPC and others. The following video files are supported: MPG MPEG WMV ASF AVI, plus you can play any video format that media player can play (providing that you have the codec installed).
  • Playlist Manager: A playlist enables you to group various media contents together to be played in any order that you specify. File Audio Processor includes our stand alone software Sprintbit Playlist Manager.
  • File Manager for Windows: a complete File Manager similar to Windows Explorer, but gives you two window panes which allows to you work easily with files. Included is a Zip Archiver, Join Files, Split and Merge files, Search and Replace, File Searcher, and much more.
  • Picture Viewer: view, print, edit, convert, crop, resize images. You can load images in over 20 formats and save them to 10 different formats. There is over 30 function for image editing, plus many filters and special effects.
  • Text To Audio: convert any text from to voice (wav file or audio data).

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File Audio Processor is free to try and $49.00 to buy.

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