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Photobucket Give-away

Two years ago, I started up a blog to document my adventures in freeware. Unfortunately, I later discovered that my blog host didn't allow me to store any images on my site. The reasoning was that images can eat up a lot of bandwidth, and bandwidth ... costs money. So (for example): if 100 people came to visit my site and they all viewed a picture that was 50k in size, that would eat up (100 x 50) = 5000k, or 5 megabytes in bandwidth. Obviously this isn't an issue if you're a small-time blogger like myself; nonetheless, if a blog host [company] is hosting 1000 blog sites and there's 100 people ... (view more)

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5 Reasons to Blog with Infopackets

If you've subscribed to our email newsletter, you may have noticed that the format has changed. Specifically: and the Infopackets Gazette email newsletter are now spotlighting articles written by other authors. With that said: Over ... the past few weeks, I've received *many* requests from our Readers to participate in writing articles (I.E., to "Blog with Infopackets"). Unfortunately, many of the letters I received were ambiguous, which tells me that perhaps the initial request to allow individuals from our audience to "blog" was not made clear. Allow me to ... (view more)

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New Bloggers: Sarah and Nick

Today's Gazette is going to break away from our regular discussions to introduce two new members that have recently joined our Blogging Team. Besides that, I'm sick with a nasty bug (possibly the Flu) and I'm just not up to writing a whole lot. ;-) ... First up is Sarah Perez (blog name: Sarah In Tampa): Sarah enjoys blogging about the latest technology buzz on the Internet. Her compositions are typically short-but-sweet and never fail to intrigue. Just recently, some of Sarah's remarks were featured on's BlogMa. Next is Nick Tyrrell (blog name: Nick's Computer Security): Nick's ... (view more)

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Do you Blog?

Since 2001, the Infopackets Windows Newsletter has become one of the premier tech resources on the 'net, chock-full of highly informative and well-sourced computing tips. In all, our library of in-depth tech tips stretches to over 875 articles to ... date. So what makes so successful? Every once in a while, someone new comes along and asks me what the secret is to having a successful web site. And every time I'm asked this question, I always chuckle, because I think back to almost 5 years ago when I asked that very same question. Of course, the answer to having a wildly successful ... (view more)


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