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Create and Edit a Custom Dictionary in MS Word 2007

The dictionary is a very helpful feature in Word 2007. It will help make sure you have not misspelled words in your document. You cannot, of course, completely rely on the dictionary because it only checks for spelling and not content. The ... dictionary does have features that some see as a downside. If the dictionary does not recognize a word, it will highlight that word with a wavy red underline. Some folks find this to be a distraction. Because the dictionary in MS Word is not complete, it may underline words occasionally that are, in fact, correct. To use MS Word's dictionary feature to its ... (view more)

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The Custom Dictionary: MS Word

When you click Add during a spell check, the marked word is not added to Word's Main Dictionary, but to your Custom Dictionary. A spell check will not stop on any word added to your Custom Dictionary. Editing the Custom Dictionary At time you may ... need to edit or delete an entry inadvertently added to your Custom Dictionary. You might also wish to add entries manually. To edit your Custom Dictionary: Choose Tools | Options Click the Spelling ... (view more)

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Edit Your Own Custom Dictionary: MS Word

Recently, Dennis asked me: " I've just finished reading your previous article, ' Disable Custom Dictionary in MS Word ', and was wondering: how can I edit my own custom dictionary? I ask this because at one time I ran spell check on a document and ... accidentally added a misspelled word to my custom dictionary. I wanted to remove the misspelled word from the dictionary, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Can you suggest anything? " Carol's response: Absolutely! To remove words from your custom dictionaries: Launch MS Word. Go to Tools | Options | Spelling & Grammar; on the Tools ... (view more)

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