Create and Edit a Custom Dictionary in MS Word 2007

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The dictionary is a very helpful feature in Word 2007. It will help make sure you have not misspelled words in your document. You cannot, of course, completely rely on the dictionary because it only checks for spelling and not content.

The dictionary does have features that some see as a downside. If the dictionary does not recognize a word, it will highlight that word with a wavy red underline. Some folks find this to be a distraction. Because the dictionary in MS Word is not complete, it may underline words occasionally that are, in fact, correct.

To use MS Word's dictionary feature to its fullest potential, it is helpful to customize it. You can add words to the dictionary that are not already there and you can also add proper nouns or terminology endemic to specific industries.

Follow the steps below to create your Custom Dictionary in MS Word 2007:

  • Click the Office Button and select Word Options.  
  • Select the Proofing options. Click Click New.  
  • Enter a name for your dictionary and click Save.

Your new dictionary will now appear in the dictionary list.

Adding terms to your dictionary is also easy, as illustrated by the steps below:

  • Highlight your custom dictionary. Click Edit Word List.  
  • Type a word in the Word box.  
  • After you verify the spelling of the word, click Add.  
  • Repeat the above steps for all the words you would like to add to your custom dictionary. You may delete a word by highlighting it and clicking Delete.  
  • When you have finished, click OK.
  • Once you have added your words to your custom dictionary, click OK on the open dialog boxes.

MS Word will now check the words in your document against your custom dictionary.

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