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Sending Distribution Lists to Another Person in MS Outlook

You may have occasions when you want to share an Outlook distribution list with another person. Luckily, MS Outlook makes it very easy to do. Follow the steps below to share a distribution list with another person: Open your Contacts and click one ... time on the distribution list (or contact) that you want to send. To select multiple distribution lists/contacts, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking. The distribution list displays in an email message. Complete and send the email message. All the recipient has to do is open the email message, then drag the distribution list icon to his or her ... (view more)

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Hiding Addresses when Using a Distribution List

If you include a distribution list in the To or Cc box of an email message, all of the recipients -- whether members of the distribution list or not -- can see the addresses of individuals in the lists. Outlook does not retain the list name in the ... address field of the message but instead replaces it with the actual addresses from the list. In some cases, the members of a distribution list may not want to have their addresses made public, even to other members of the list. In these situations, address the message using the Bcc box, rather than the To or Cc box. To display the Bcc box in the ... (view more)

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Creating Distribution Lists: MS Outlook

Setting up a distribution list in your Personal Address Book or Outlook Address Book is relatively easy. You can create a distribution list using addresses from multiple address books, which means, that you could include addresses from your Contacts ... folder and Personal Address Book. You can also include addresses of different types such as Internet addresses and Exchange Server addresses. Usually it's easiest to set up a distribution list if all the addresses that will be included already exist, but you can enter addresses on the fly if necessary. Follow these steps to create a distribution ... (view more)

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