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Housewives Smuggling Apple iPads, iPhones: Report

Prosecutors in China say more than a dozen housewives have engaged in smuggling Apple iPhones and iPads in order to avoid paying sales taxes. A total of 26 people have now been charged with participating in a total of five distinct smuggling rings. ... Reports suggest the smugglers were supplying iPhones and iPads to Lanyo Shuma.com, one of the main electronics suppliers on Taobao Marketplace, China's version of eBay and Amazon. Lanyou Shuma.com was thrown out of the marketplace in April, 2012, amid a scandal over alleged smuggling of the iPhone 4S from Hong Kong. (Source: reuters.com ) High ... (view more)

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American Adults Spend $1,200 a Year on Electronics

Take a moment and think about your last Christmas morning. How many of the items unwrapped by you, your spouse, or your kids required batteries, a power outlet, or frequent software updates? In all likelihood, it was these kinds of devices that ... dominated the gift-giving ceremony, as U.S. consumers continue to prop up the electronics industry. The impact of this is only recently being documented, with the most blatant evidence presented in the new study proclaiming that, on average, American adults spend some $1,200 a year on electronics. The retail examination was conducted by the Consumer ... (view more)

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Cable-Free High Definition Signal: A Reality

Seven of the world's leading electronics makers have joined forces to produce a cable-free system that hopes to unite televisions with other electronic equipment, revolutionizing the world of wireless connectivity. LG Electronics, Matsushita ... Electric Industrial [Panasonic], NEC, Samsung Electronics, Sony, Toshiba and SiBEAM (an up-and-coming electronics company) have come together to supply end-users with a product that possesses high-definition signal quality without the presence of a physical plug. (Source: iht.com ) In what is being billed as the Wireless HD Consortium, televisions will ... (view more)

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