Cable-Free High Definition Signal: A Reality

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Seven of the world's leading electronics makers have joined forces to produce a cable-free system that hopes to unite televisions with other electronic equipment, revolutionizing the world of wireless connectivity.

LG Electronics, Matsushita Electric Industrial [Panasonic], NEC, Samsung Electronics, Sony, Toshiba and SiBEAM (an up-and-coming electronics company) have come together to supply end-users with a product that possesses high-definition signal quality without the presence of a physical plug. (Source:

In what is being billed as the Wireless HD Consortium, televisions will soon be wirelessly compatible with cable/satellite boxes, game consoles, DVD players, camcorders and other portable electronic devices. The system is designed to work within a range of up to 32 feet (10 meters) and using a 60-gigahertz radio frequency band. (Source:

Consumers will not be disappointed with any decline in the overall quality of a video game or DVD. The Wireless HD Consortium promises to produce high-definition video that has not been compressed digitally, so the same quality previously received with wired HD-capable video will be exactly the same. (Source:

The conglomerate has been working on the Wireless HD Consortium for over a year, and plans to have it fully completed next spring.

The consortium is also expected to have adapters that allow consumers with older electronic devices the option of wireless connectivity with their current HDTV televisions. (Source:

Although this particular product will not be available for sale until at least 2008, experts already predict that it will be a profitable venture and will eventually become a necessity, due to support of most leading electronic divisions.

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