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Phone Cleaner and Security Apps Were Scams

Two more applications have been removed from the Google Play Store after turning out to be a front for malware. As always in such cases, users who already have the apps installed need to uninstall them as this won't happen automatically. The apps in ... question are called Mister Phone Cleaner and Kylhavy Mobile Security. They had 50,000 and 10,000 downloads respectively before Google pulled the listings. The scam in these cases has a couple of key differences from the familiar story of scammers disguising malware as legitimate apps and finding a way to bypass Google's security checks. That ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Your Firewall has Been Breached, Call This Number (Scam)

Infopackets Reader Robert C. writes: " Dear Dennis, The other day I received a warning that 'Your Avast! Firewall has been breached and a Trojan Horse is infecting your computer. Call 1-888-698-3247.' I'm a computer novice and I panicked. The ... warning seemed to appear as part of the operating system, and not the browser. I say this because the warning appeared on the screen, with a voice screaming at me, and I had no idea how to stop it. I held down the power button to force the computer to shut down. I waited three minutes, then powered back up ... but it went right back to the warning and ... (view more)

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New Scareware Imitates Browsers: Tricky, Malicious

The latest bout of scareware making its way through the Internet uses legitimate-looking browser warning pages and offers up a dose of fake antivirus. Those responsible for its creation have matched the webpage layout offered by the world's most ... popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and others -- right down to the design and layout. All Web Browsers Susceptible to Attack The scareware , dubbed Rogue:MSIL/Zeven by antivirus firms, is able to identify the Internet browser you're using, and then displays a fake warning page that states the site you're browsing may be infected ... (view more)

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Microsoft Warns: Security Essentials 2010 is Rogue

Microsoft is cautioning users not to download fake versions of Microsoft Security Essentials, which are similarly named to the original, but are in fact rogue. The original Microsoft Security Essentials is fully functional and free from Microsoft ... and without charge for all legitimately registered users of MS Windows. Fake Antivirus Storms Internet, Duping Users Rogue antivirus products are notorious for having similar names, appearances and functions of legitimate antivirus software in an attempt to coax unsuspecting users into doling out hundreds of dollars towards unnecessary, and often ... (view more)

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