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How to: Send a Fax Online the Internet for Free

Infopackets Reader Karin S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently received a letter in the mail from the government requesting additional information on my account. The letter states that I can mail or fax in my information back to them (they won't ... accept email attachments for some reason). As such, I would prefer to fax the information as that is the fastest method. I would like to know if you can recommend a good, free fax service over the Internet that I can use to send this information? Thanks! " My response: I did a bit of research, and there are two popular websites offering free faxes ... (view more)

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Spam King Finally Pays Price

A man once dubbed the "Spam King" has been jailed for two and a half years. However, Sanford Wallace's sentence is for emails which were fraudulent rather than simply unwanted. Wallace first came to infamy by sending unwanted faxes before it became ... illegal. In the late 1990s he became one of the first mass spammers and was sued by several Internet providers, including AOL. He was so open about sending spam, that at one point he even got the attention of lawyers at Hormel Foods (the company which makes Spam - a meat product), in which they claimed Wallace was breaching trademark ... (view more)

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Can't print because QuickLink III isn't installed?

Infopackets Reader John M. writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently had to reinstall AOL. Now when I try to print something, I receive an error message stating that I must install QuickLink III before I can use my printer. I can't print anything now! What ... is QuickLink III and where do I download it so I can print again? Please Help! " My response: QuickLink III is a fax program and may have come bundled with your computer (or you may have installed it at some point in the past). Because Quick Link III is a fax program, it uses a special fax printer driver for decoding received faxes. The ... (view more)

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Send fax through MS Word?

Infopackets Gazette Reader Viv 'Better Letters' writes: " Dear Dennis, I read with interest all your newsletters, and although I haven't had any of the problems that some people have had, I really enjoy reading everything your site has to offer. And ... now, I have a query: a colleague of mine wants to send a fax through her PC running Windows XP Pro. She doesn't have a fax machine connected to her PC, but she does have a phone line which has an ADSL Internet connection. Try as she might, her MS Word Document fax won't send out of the outbox. I've checked her settings, but can't figure it out. If ... (view more)

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