Send fax through MS Word?

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Infopackets Gazette Reader Viv 'Better Letters' writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I read with interest all your newsletters, and although I haven't had any of the problems that some people have had, I really enjoy reading everything your site has to offer. And now, I have a query: a colleague of mine wants to send a fax through her PC running Windows XP Pro. She doesn't have a fax machine connected to her PC, but she does have a phone line which has an ADSL Internet connection. Try as she might, her MS Word Document fax won't send out of the outbox. I've checked her settings, but can't figure it out. If any of this makes sense, are you able to help? "

My response:

To send a fax from your PC, you'll need a fax modem or a service that allows you to send faxes over the Internet. If you don't send very many faxes, using a fax modem is your best bet. Most fax modems cost between $25 and $50 these days, but my advice to you is to stay clear of cheap brand names. In my experience, the cheaper models tend to have troubles connecting long distances.

3Com / US Robotics modems are typically a little bit more pricey, but are (in my opinion) the best brand name you can buy.

If buying a modem seems like too much trouble and you plan to use the fax quite a bit, consider using a web-fax integrated service. These services do not require a fax modem and will not tie up your phone line; however, there is typically a monthly fee associated with a service like this. Some Internet fax services were reviewed on this site:

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