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Which web browser is the most secure?

Infopackets Reader Suzanne 'arial0197' writes: " Dear Dennis, I thoroughly enjoy your newsletters! Every day I find myself at your website browsing through the older issues to learn something new. I don't have a dilemma for you today, but would be ... very grateful to hear your opinion on what you think is the best web browser. In the last few months, I started using Mozilla Firefox. I absolutely love the 'tabbed browsing' feature that enables me to open up and flip to another web site without having umpteen different browser Windows opened up in my tray bar. Prior to Firefox, I used ... (view more)

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'Portable Virtual Privacy Machine', and 'Firefox Privacy Toolbar'

Portable Virtual Privacy Machine Carry your entire Internet communication system on a tiny USB drive. Contains a complete virtual Linux machine with privacy-enabled Open Source Internet applications. Carry your Internet applications, email, ... bookmarks, history, web cookies, download files in your pocket. Perfect for travellers - nothing to be scanned, started, poked, or prodded at the airport. Get English keyboard support no matter what computer you use. No installation needed - just plug the drive into any Windows or Linux computer, and click on the Virtual Privacy Machine icon and you're ... (view more)


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