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Updating an Automatic Table of Contents In MS Word

A reader recently wrote to ask "Once a table of contents has been created, can you change the page numbers appearing on the right side of the TO?" I am assuming that the reader is talking about an automatically generated Table of Contents (TOC). And ... if that is the case, the answer is yes, absolutely! The caveat is that you have to know how to create an automatically generated TOC in order to update it when you add more text. You can generate a table of contents using Word's built-in styles, such as Heading 1, 2, and 3, or by creating and using your own custom styles. If you have a document ... (view more)

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Use GoTo to Locate Text in a Document: MS Word

You can always use your keyboard and mouse to navigate through a long document, Word provides several handy techniques for quickly moving to a certain page, section, heading, footnote, endnote, etc. Use the Edit | GoTo command. Click the Select ... Browse Object button on the bottom of the vertical scrollbar. Display the Document Map It is very easy to lose your place when working with a long document if you're trying to find a particular item such as a name or a footnote, etc. Knowing the above techniques will help you to quickly find your place so you can spend your time concentrating on wiring ... (view more)

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Modify Heading Styles in Outlines: MS Word

In MS Word, the headings in an outline are automatically formatted with the styles Heading 1, Heading 2, and so on. What if you don't like the appearance of the style? You may want the Heading 1 styles to be centered, in a different font, or with a ... border or shading. You may want the Heading 3 to be in Verdana rather than Times New Roman. Whatever your preferences might be, you can make a single formatting change, and all the text using that style will immediately be reformatted. To begin, modify the style so that every heading with that style will reflect the new format. This ensures that ... (view more)

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