Use GoTo to Locate Text in a Document: MS Word

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You can always use your keyboard and mouse to navigate through a long document, Word provides several handy techniques for quickly moving to a certain page, section, heading, footnote, endnote, etc.

  • Use the Edit | GoTo command.
  • Click the Select Browse Object button on the bottom of the vertical scrollbar.

Display the Document Map

It is very easy to lose your place when working with a long document if you're trying to find a particular item such as a name or a footnote, etc. Knowing the above techniques will help you to quickly find your place so you can spend your time concentrating on wiring and editing your document.

To use GoTo, follow the easy steps below:

  1. Choose Edit | GoTo or press CTRL + G or the F5 key. All of these methods will open the dialog box.
  2. Designate the type of item you want to go to, such as Page, and then specify which one by typing in the page number.

To use the Browse Buttons:

  1. Click the Select Browse Object button to select one of the choices shown below. These include footnote, table and heading. Any choice other than Page changes the arrows on the Next and Previous buttons to blue.
  2. Click the Next or Previous button to jump to the next or previous item in the document.

Use the Document Map

  1. Click the Document Map button. This reveals a shaded bar containing the headings in your document, similar to Outline view.
  2. Click a heading in the hierarchy o n the left. The insertion point jumps to that heading within the document itself.

Using either method to get to a specific location moves the insertion point and displays the desired location on your screen.

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