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Samsung Plans Triple-Screen Phone

Samsung has got approval for a patent on a phone with a double-folding mechanism. It would effectively be a tablet computer that fits in the pocket. The company already has a range of foldable phones with a single hinge, meaning a double-width ... screen. The new patent is for a double-hinge with one folding forward and one folding backward, a little like a "zed bed" mechanism. (Source: ) The patent shows that the screens would be arranged so that an "ordinary" size screen was usable when the phone was fully folded. When the phone was unfolded, the entire display would be accessible ... (view more)

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Doctors Sold on iPad Mini, Survey Shows

Apple's new iPad Mini is receiving a ringing endorsement from physicians. According to a recent poll conducted by medical app developer Epocrates, one in three doctors have made the decision to purchase the device. Contemporary competitors like ... Microsoft (with their Surface line of tablets released last month) have invested tremendous resources in beefing up their display and touch features. However, the small size of the iPad Mini has become the biggest selling point for 90 per cent of the Epocrates survey's respondents. The other advantage of owning an iPad Mini, according to doctors ... (view more)

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Windows 7 Starter Edition: Limitations Under Fire

Unconfirmed reports suggest Microsoft will drop a limitation on the Starter Edition of Windows 7 that would prevent users from running more than three applications at a time. This comes amidst speculation that guidelines for the Starter Edition have ... been rigged to benefit particular manufacturers. The Starter Edition, aimed at netbook users, will not be available for consumers to buy separately. Instead, only manufacturers are allowed to license it and install it on their machines. In the originally published specifications for the Starter Edition, users could only run three programs at any ... (view more)

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Working with Margins: MS Word

Creating a document is as easy as starting Word and typing text. If you choose, you can work with Word's default settings. However, many documents require different layouts. It's important to know how to change the settings so that you can change ... the way the text looks on the page. If you haven't changed the settings in your Normal template, you'll find the defaults (in the U.S. version of Word) to include top and bottom margins set to 1 inch, left and right margins at 1.25 inches, header and footer margins at .5 inches, gutter position left, paper size is 8.5X11 inches, portrait page ... (view more)

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